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Current updates

-We welcome NYC artist Jon Solo to the Electrofone family with his Naneum - Open Sea project.

-Libella does music for Apple Instagram Apple Vortex NYC add

-Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo album "Koshkyn" #2 most added album to World Music radio & debuts @ #7

-Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo album song “Baiah Dug Duble” is KCRW song of the day

-Libella song Toronto" is KCRW song of the day

-Wonderfruit Music festival-Thailand December 15/16 Huun Huur Tu w/ Carmen Rizzo as well as Libella will be performing.

Naneum-Open Sea

Naneump-Open Sea-Album Cover.jpg

Naneum-Open Sea

Naneum, pronounced [næ-nəm], is created byJon Solo, who has been the trusted keys and guitar player for artists Angus and Julia Stone, Passenger, and Brett Dennenfor over 10 years. Between tours, Solo has been composing and recording his own music. In 2018, he self-released his first album, Home For Hemingway, which was well received by fellow artists and landed him an opening slot in Europe last summer for Angus and Julia Stone.

In the fall of 2018, Solo starting recording Open Seaat his home studio in Brooklyn, NY. The collection of songs were written from the concept of ocean sounds. Solo played all the instruments on the album, however, he was joined by Israeli artist and cellist, Hadas Kleinman on track 4, Accretion.

Carmen Rizzo

Two-time Grammy nominee producer & electronic musician has had a very eclectic career working on albums for Seal, Paul Oakenfold, AR Rahman, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Huun Huur Tu to co-founding the groundbreaking world music/electronic act Niyaz. His solo downtempo albums are on heavy rotation on NPR radio stations and have been licenced countless times

Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo

Huun-Huur-Tu (Tuvan: Хүн Хүртү Khün Khürtü, Russian: Хуун-Хуур-Ту) is a music group from Tuva, a Russian Federation republic situated on the Mongolian border. The most distinctive characteristic of Huun Huur Tu’s music is throat singing, in which the singers sing both the note (drone) and the drone’s overtone(s), thus producing two or three notes simultaneously. The overtone may sound like a flute, whistle or bird, but is actually solely a product of the human voice.

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Karavan Sarai

Silk Road melodies meet electronic grooves and mesmerizing dance. Composer, multi-instrumentalist (Egyptian oud, Turkish saz), and vocalist Narayan Sijan lived on the Silk Road, visiting India, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and more from 1994-2006, learning and performing music with mystics, masters and locals on a shoestring budget. He creates an innovative alchemy of musical storytelling from original compositions and arranged traditional melodies.

Silk Road Mixes 4.jpg

Karavan Sarai & Carmen Rizzo- The Silk Road mixes


Libella, a Los Angeles based duo are comprised of 2 time Grammy nominated producer and electronic musician, Carmen Rizzo & multi- instrumentalist & artist, Joel Shearer who’s collective album credits range from Coldplay, Ryuichi Sakamoto to Damien Rice & AR Rahman. By recording remotely all over the globe from Berlin to Prague, Montreal to Moscow, the duo found the intersecting lines of analogue undertones and lush ambience in a collection of hypnotic songs called The Apostle Of Beauty. Libella’s debut is out now on Electrofone Music.


Libella is featured song of the day on KCRW!

Morning Loops

Joel Shearer is an internationally established and highly regarded session and touring musician who’s played guitar for some of the worlds biggest artists, producers and composers, including Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros, Annie Lennox, Joe Cocker, Damien Rice, Alanis Morrisette, Dido, Michael Buble and Sarah McLachlan. Being a songwriter and producer himself, Shearer understands the psychology and disposition of the artist, the producer and the musician, offering a sympathetic insight and experience to approaching the creative process. Responsible for helping shape, define and create the textural and warm ambient sounds behind artists like Damien Rice and Alexi Murdoch, Shearer has a reputation for creating unique, beautiful and haunting soundscapes as well as inventive parts and arrangements for both super star pop acts as well as indie and underground artists. If not recording with legendary producers like Glen Ballard, Bob Rock, Matt Serletic and Rob Cavallo or working with some of film and televisions biggest composers like AR Rahman, Teddy Shapiro, Ed Shearmur and Christopher Beck, Shearer keeps himself busy recording/writing/producing/composing, both remotely from his studio in Topanga Canyon CA but also in studios around the world from Reykjavik, Iceland to Mexico City. With a thorough understanding of shaping sound and musical arrangements, Shearer brings a unique energy and creative approach to whatever musical project he is involved with.

You can buy on Apple iTunes here.


Exit Bratislava

Discover Slovakia ‘s capital city’s dark & emerging  Electronic music scene. The former Czechoslovakia  is leading the way for the next wave of experimental musicians. These hand picked songs from Los Angeles based Electronic artist Carmen Rizzo in partnership with his Electrofone Music & Bratislava based Exitab Records delivers a wide range of artist from Tea Pot, Dead Janitor, Pjoni, Stroon, Aches, Ink Midget, The Uniques & Gwerkova. Exit Bratislava-Near Dark and Beyond Volume 1 gives the listening a mesmerizing journey beneath the medieval city.


Danish band Re-Coded remix CD

Kinder Klub Vol. 1

Kinder Klub Volume 1-Vienna Underground  a wonderful compilation of the  Vienna underground electronic music scene.


Inbar Bakal

The Ache and Longing of a New Yemenite Jewish Sound: Inbar Bakal Finds Her Voice on Song of Songs  

Born to Iraqi and Yemenite parents, Inbar Bakal blasts stereotypes of what it means to be an Israeli-born Jew. Like all Israelis, she was drafted into the military. Inbar became the first female officer to serve in the Anti-Aircraft Combat Division. But when given the opportunity to make a career of the armed forces, Bakal dismayed family and friends by heading to America with two suitcases and a burning desire to sing. Bakal—now living in Los Angeles—finds herself in new surroundings exposed to conversations and influences she never heard back home in Israel. "I've spoken with more Palestinians here than I ever had the opportunity to talk to back in Israel," she says. "Here I found a whole new way of listening."



Gabriel Johnson

A Man, a Trumpet, and Electronic Alchemy: The Spliced Horns and Fra_ctured Beats of Trumpeter Gabriel Johnson 

A trumpet animated with the voice of a messenger. Electronic beats that speak of sad days gone by. Powerful statements from a man with a mission and wandering songs that leave you wanting more.

A man, his trumpet, and electronic alchemy call down lightning on Fra_ctured, coming out February 16, 2010 from Electrofone MusicGabriel Johnson’s creation calculates a new bearing in the world of jazz and electronic music, a fractured triangulation past the Islands of Electronica and into the open sea. This album—appearing on the label run by Carmen Rizzo, known for his work with Seal, Jem, Coldplay, and Paul Oakenfold, and as co-founding member of global electronica band Niyaz—is a new direction for serious trumpet music, a genre too long confined to the stolid hallways of special schools and jazz clubs. 

That’s about where Gabriel Johnson, virtuoso trumpet player turned ascendant electronica demigod, found himself a few years ago. He was this conservatory prodigy, a golden boy acolyte in the temple of commercial jazz groomed for the life of a high priest. The Wunderkind began playing the trumpet when he was eleven years old, giving up baseball practice for the life of a musician, and had hardly turned back on his quick climb up the mountain. After graduation from the Conservatory, he moved to Los Angeles, and soon Clint Eastwood was calling him up to play original music for his movies. “Clint would be right in the room,” recalls Johnson matter-of-factly. “If he likes something, he just nods his head.” (Gabriel’s powerful trumpet playing appeared in both Eastwood’s Changeling and Invictus.)


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